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5 Steps to Avoid Bait & Switch Lenders

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We Are The Portfolio Loan Experts! Guest Stars on Think Realty's Podcast

Technology knowledge + lending expertise = what? The answer is: time savings for real estate investors and lenders alike! On this episode, both borrowers and lenders can learn how the right ratio of tech savvy to loan know-how can result in a simpler lending process. Institutional lenders often have mountains of compliance steps to climb, but you CAN navigate capital hurdles a bit easier. Plus, which renovation projects will bring the best ROI on your property? Listen to this episode to find out! For more from well-versed guest, Damon Riehl visit Deal of the Week 10-6-2020

It's Back! 75% LTV Cash-Out Deal of the Week 9-22-2020 Deal of the Week 9-1-2020

It’s Back! This short video lets you know what amazing deal is available again for the clients. 80% of Purchase Price Rental Loans FICO of 720+ (Higher of Partners) Cash Flowing to 1.20 DSCR or Better

Make Part of Your Deal Team lightens the load of documentation with our Registration Specialists and Transaction Managers. They make the paperwork process much easier for you. One transaction and you will be hooked. We save you Money, Time, and Simplify the process of obtaining great financing. Time slots are limited and fill up fast. Please click above to schedule your time slot today! We look forward to talking with you. Deal of the Week 8-18-2020 Deal of the Week outlines different deals each week. This episode presents a new Fix and Flip program that is offered to our clients. This program is easy to qualify for and allows the borrower to receive up to 90% of the Purchase, 100% of the Rehab, at up to 75% ARV. Subscribe to our channel to get updates on the current market and deal of the week. Deal of the Week: August 2020 Market Update

This is an exciting Market Update! We are updating you are 4 major loan platforms available to our clients. You won’t want to miss this episode. Make sure you subscribe to watch our episodes each week. Deal of the Week 8-4-2020

This Deal of the week presents a Single-Family long term rental loan in Melbourne, FL. Deal of the Week 7-28-2020

This week we are showcasing a new Fix and Flip offer. 90% of Purchase, 100% of Rehab, at 75% ARV. Deal of the Week 7-21-2020

We are so excited to share with you this recently quoted deal from one of our Texas Investors.