is the live “Real Time” Bidding Platform for Investment Property Loan Exchange. Many of the Top Private Lenders, Family Offices, Banks and Credit Unions compete for your loan requests in Real Time. Lenders can see the active offers of other lenders, which enables them to continue to improve their own offers until the 72 Hour Live Bidding Period Ends. lenders offer short and long term loans for Single Family, Multifamily and Commercial property types, including rehab and new construction. is able to match Real Estate Investors with Lenders in 39 US States.

How it Works

Why LoanBidz

1. Complete your Loan Request Profile

Why LoanBidz
Why LoanBidz

2. Qualified lenders submit real-time financing proposals

Why LoanBidz
Why LoanBidz

3. You select the offer you like best and we coordinate the rest.

No Obligation- No Credit Check


When you combine the 3 most important aspects of the loan experience:

  1. Broad Product Options…from a Continually Growing Lender Exchange.
  2. True Lender Competition…from a Real Time Bidding Platform.
  3. Platinum Back Office Support…to reduce the Paperwork Burden.

Real Estate Investors Receive… Your Best Loan